Pride In Serving A Great Community

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Welcome to the official Blanchard (Oklahoma) Police Department website. 

Herein you will learn about the various services provided by the Blanchard Police Department, along with the many community activities which we participate in to show our support of the people of Blanchard, Oklahoma. 

It is our mission to provide the highest level of services to the people of Blanchard, and the surrounding communities who count on us for mutual aid. 

Blanchard is a fast growing city who as of the 2012 census, had reached  7,674 people in the city limits, and approximately 10,500 including the borderline areas of Blanchard which we provide services to as well. 

The City of Blanchard is governed by a City Council, and managed by a City Manager. (Blanchard City)

There are many attributes within Blanchard that makes it a great place to raise a family. Come visit us and explore what Blanchard has to offer to you and your family. 

The "Lead Me Home" project was conceived by Mrs. Deanna Hix, the 911 supervisor of the City of Blanchard Emergency Services Communications Center. The project is about maintaining information on local persons who are within the autistic spectrum. That information is then kept in the event that person comes up missing, or is found. For more information about the L.E.A.D. Me Home program, click on the logo above. 

For more information call Deanna Hix at (405) 485-9391

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The Blanchard Police Department is dedicated to improving the quality of life by creating a safe environment in partnership with the people we serve. We act with integrity and grit to reduce fear and crime, while treating all with respect, compassion, and fairness.

Crime Statistics

Even with the shortages of manpower and the increase in population the total crimes of 2021 thus far is projected to be significantly less than the crimes reported for 2020.  The most significant of crimes reported in 2020 were domestic violence related crimes, with statistics showing a slight increase since 2018. The crime stats for the last 3 years will be posts as soon as system upgrades are completed. 

The City of Blanchard was listed #2 safest city in Oklahoma according to data pulled from FBI data. 


Blanchard Police has the ability to process digital fingerprinting and background requests for persons arrested, as well as for special applications or certification needs such as SDA, teacher certificates, etc. 


Many changes were made in 2020 thus far, and in the remainder of this year many more changes are planned for the Blanchard Police Department. New faces, new equipment and a new commitment to the mission of community relations and community outreach. 

Our goal is to become a better trained and much more balanced with the community which we're sworn to serve. That meaning that the officers are going to utilize an old method of policing which was proven to work, that of community-oriented policing. Where the police department works with the community in a more proactive than reactive method of policing. 

The city negotiated with the FOP to increase the training mandates for the department, raising the required annual training to 96 hours per year, that is 70 hours over the required minimum of the State of Oklahoma. This potentially makes the highest training standard of any municipality in the entire State of Oklahoma. 

In 2020 the department continued to maintain a proactive standard by keeping current technologies updated, and applying for new technologies. With that, the city purchased new 800 mhz radios to replace older radios and continue adding to the backup capabilities should equipment fail, or become unserviceable. New body cameras were delivered in 2020 to replace the older Axon body cameras deployed with the patrol division. 



Blanchard Police Department       P.O. Box 480, Blanchard, OK. 73010     Phn: 405-485-9391    Fax: 405-486-2632          (EMAIL)

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